Many thanks to all whose work has kept the disparate community these conferences support so active and so strong for the past twenty-two years. In particular we want to thank those donors who contributed generously to fund all the graduate students’ Supper Buffet tickets at the conference.  We and the next generation of feminist music scholars whose full participation their gifts support thank them – both for their many past contributions to these conferences, and for their generosity toward this one.

Lisa Barg, McGill University                             Elizabeth Keathley, UNC-Greensboro
Marcia J. Citron, Rice University                     Ellen Koskoff, Eastman School of Music
Susan Cook, UW-Madison                               Susan McClary, Case Western Reserve University
Suzanne Cusick, New York University           Mary Natvig, Bowling Green State University
Robert Fink, UCLA                                             Ruth Solie, Smith College
Bonnie Gordon, University of Virginia            Judith Tick, Brandeis University
Ellie Hisama, Columbia University                 Judy Tsou, University of Washington