2013 Program Committee

Gayle Murchison, chair, The College of William and Mary
Suzanne G. Cusick, New York University
Robert Fink, University of California - Los Angeles
Philip Gentry, University of Delaware
Bonnie Gordon, University of Virginia
Tammy L. Kernodle, Miami University
Stephan Pennington, Tufts University
Gillian M. Rodger, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Hamilton College

Lydia Hamessley, chair local arrangements, Department of Music
William DiPaolo, Wellin Hall Technical Director
Margaret Gentry, Associate Dean of the Faculty
Esena Jackson, Associate Director of Digital Media
Dannelle Parker, Auxiliary Services
Patrick Reynolds, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty
Claire Skjellerup, Audiovisual Services Coordinator
Jesse Sprole, Department of Music

New York University

Anoosua Mukherjee, Department of Music, Executive Assistant to the FTM Program Committee
Michael Beckerman, Department of Music, Faculty of Arts and Science
Lawrence Young, Department of Music, Faculty of Arts and Science

The College of William and Mary

Logan Chappell, Music Department Administrator