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Sunday April 7

11:30 am
Keynote Lecture

Taylor Science Center G041

Iris Montero (Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies, Brown University)

“Human and More-Than-Human Migrants in the Americas”

5:00 pm
Keynote Lecture

Wellin Museum – Overlook 201

Ben Breen (Assistant Professor of History, University of Santa Cruz)

“Dragon’s Blood, Mummies, and Moss: Tracing the Mistaken Identities of Drugs in the Early Modern Portuguese Empire in the Indian Ocean and Beyond”

Monday April 8

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12:00 pm
Couper Lecture - Keynote

Taylor Science Center G027

Introduction: Joe Shelley, Vice President for Libraries and Information Technology

Nicolaas Rupke (Johnson Professor of History, Washington and Lee University)

“Contested museum objects in Darwin’s century”

4:00 pm
Keynote Address

Taylor Science Center 3024

Alan Mikhail (Professor of History, Yale University)

“Food and Wood between the Mediterranean and Red Sea: Economy and Ecology in the Ottoman Empire”

Tuesday April 9

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4:00 pm
Keynote Lecture

Taylor Science Center G027

Rebecca Woods (Assistant Professor of History of Science, University of Toronto)

“Body of Animal, Body of Evidence: Frozen Pleistocene Animals and the History of Natural History”


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